Here are the questions that new and existing patients ask Dr Ladwig most regularly.

Does Dr Ladwig deliver babies??
Unfortunately Dr Ladwig no longer delivers privately. Share care with Nambour Hospital is available providing consistency of caregivers to public patients.
Pre-conceptual counselling is available to address specific concerns, or for a general health review prior to conception.

Where does Dr Ladwig operate?
Dr Ladwig operates at the Buderim Private Hospital (formerly known as The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital) at 12 Elsa Wilson Drive, Buderim Qld 4556.

I have recurrent miscarriages. Can you help??
Yes, Dr Ladwig is able to offer a range of investigations that may uncover a cause for this distressing problem. This may guide treatment and allow planning to optimise a future pregnancy outcome.

Does it matter where I have my ultrasound?
Ideally ultrasound should be performed by a specialist in gynaecologic and obstetric ultrasound. Often these are gynaecologists who have sub-specialised in ultrasound. Their knowledge of the clinical conditions can enhance the information collected. Information provided by good quality imaging can guide care particularly in cases of possible endometriosis, adenomyosis and infertility. Dr Ladwig may suggest practices which are suitable, though the choice is always yours. These practices will offer amniocentesis and CVS in addition to counselling for obstetric problems.

What is colposcopy?
This is the procedure required to look at the cervix when a pap smear is abnormal, or sometimes when there is unusual bleeding. Or perhaps your GP feels the cervix looks funny. The Colposcope is a machine which magnifies the cervix to help examination. Different substances (acetic acid,iodine) may be applied to help define cell changes and direct site for biopsy if needed. It is no more uncomfortable than a pap smear and only takes 10-15 minutes.

What is the Magnetic Chair?
The Wave Brilliance Magnetic Pelvic Floor Stimulation chair uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve impulses which rapidly flex and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. It is equivalent to approximately 200 pelvic floor contractions every minute at 20 times greater intensity than the patient can do themselves! It is an ideal way to kick start or regenerate the pelvic floor muscles to restore strength, endurance and continence.

It is also useful for men, particularly following prostate surgery.

Treatments using the Magnetic Chair are tailored to individual patients, but a typical program consists of two 20 minute treatments per week for 8 weeks. Children are welcome to attend and play as you sit fully clothed in the chair. Ideally a review by an experienced pelvic floor physiotherapist is recommended to guide long term rehabilitation.