Pelvic Floor Strengthening - Magnetic Chair

Struggling to hold on?  Worried that you may not make it to the toilet in time?

Incontinence affects women of all ages for various reasons but one of the most common issues is weakened pelvic floor muscles.  Whether it be due to child birth, weight lifting or just part of the aging process, help is available.  Yes, we should all be doing our pelvic floor exercises but how do you do them when you can't feel them in the first place?  This is the problem faced by many women.  Dr Ladwig has the latest in pelvic floor rehabilitation technology - the Wave Brilliance Magnetic Chair.

What is the Wave Brilliance Magnetic Chair?

The Wave Brilliance Magnetic Chair is a highly advanced piece of equipment that uses Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation or magnetic fields to contract the pelvic floor muscles in a similar fashion to that of a TENS machine (although more powerful)  for the treatment of stress, urge or mixed incontienence.  The magnetic chair exercises all of the muscles in the pelvic floor region to rebuild strength and endurance to restore bladder and bowel control.  The magnetic chair is capalable of doing 200 pelvic floor exercises a minute at 20 times greater the intensity than the patient can do themself!

What is treatment like?

Treatment is painless with power levels able to be adjusted to ensure comfort at all times . Once the treatment cycle begins the pelvic floor muscles start contracting and strengthening.   The patient sits fully clothed on the magnetic chair for 22 minutes in total.  A cycle on the magnetic chair consists of a 10 minute cycle, a 2 minute break and then another 10 minute cycle.  Treatment appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes.  Many patients read a book, do book work or bring some headphones and listen to music during the treatment. The Magnetic Chair does make a banging noise during the process. 

How long is the treatment plan?

A course on the Magnetic Chair usually involves 16 treatments (sometimes up to 20-24) and goes for 8 weeks with 2 treatments a week.  A minimum of one day gap between treatments is required - ie. treatments can be done on a Monday and then Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.  At the end of the 16 treatments Dr Ladwig will review the patient to gauge improvement. 

Is the magnetic chair suitable for everyone?

Most people are suitable for the Magnetic Chair however there are some medical conditions where the Magnetic Chair is not the recommended treatment option and Dr Ladwig would advise on this following an initial consult.  The Magnetic Chair is not suitable for people who are pregnant, have a cardiac pacemaker or sensory deprivation (unable to feel sensation specifically in the buttocks region).  Magnetic Chair treatment can continue without any concern during your period as well.  Mums with young children are welcome to bring them along as the Magnetic Chair is set up in a closed room where the children can play on the floor. 

What results will I get from doing a course on the Magnetic Chair?

Most patients report excellent results from a course on the Magnetic Chair however everyone is different and this can vary depending on the level of muscle tone to begin with. Many find that once completing a course on the Magnetic Chair they can then go on to correctly perform pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises themselves as the treatment has given them a much needed boost to their muscle strength and they can actually feel that they are doing it correctly.  Some patients choose to try the Magnetic Chair to avoid surgery for severe incontinence issues and the results from these patients may be only fair to average.  Dr Ladwig would explain this when discussing their options. 

What is the process for undertaking the Magnetic Chair treatment program?

A referral from your GP is required to see Dr Ladwig for an inititial consult.  This allows you to get the maximum rebate from Medicare for your consult.  At your initial consult Dr Ladwig will take your medical history and conduct a physical examination to gauge your pelvic floor strength and to ensure the Magnetic Chair treatment is the best option for you.  After this consult you may have a short trial on the chair to feel what the treatment is like before deciding to proceed.  the Magnetic Chair treatment cycle can begin as early as the next day and often patients like to book in their preferred time for all 16 appointments to ensure they get the time that best suits them.  Treatment appointments are available Monday to Thursday from 8.30am - 4.00pm and Fridays from 8.30am - 11.30am.  At the end of the treatment cycle Dr Ladwig will review you to gauge the results of the treatment. 

What does it all cost?

The initial consult with Dr Ladwig is $250.00 with $76.80 rebateable through Medicare.  (accurate as at November 2019). A course of 16 treatments on the magnetic chair has an upfront facility fee of $280.00 (not rebateable on Medicare or private health insurance) and then each of the 16 visits is bulk billed (so no out of pocket cost for the treatment visits).  At the end of the 16 visits Dr Ladwig will review the patient which will also be bulk billed.  Any additonal treatment visits over the initial 16 will incur a $10 gap payment per visit. 

Want to know more?

visit the Wave Brilliance website for further information .

Ready to get started?

Once you have your referral from your GP call our rooms on 07 5437 7244 to make your initial appointment.