Prolapse and incontinence

Prolapse is common in women particularly after childbirth. Not all prolapse needs surgical treatment, as many women are asymptomatic. Common problems are difficulty with urination or bowel emptying, incontinence or awareness of a lump or pressure. Physiotherapy by an experienced pelvic floor therapist or use of the Magnetic chair may help with this condition. At times a pessary (ring) can be used. At other times only reassurance to the patient is needed.

Surgery is carried out for symptomatic women who desire it. There are many options and techniques available and Petra has extensive experience in each including prolapse and continence surgery; both using fascial repair (your own tissue) and mesh. She has attended many training courses in new techniques since completing her initial training and stays up to date on new treatments and developments.

See also: for pelvic floor strengthening options with the mangetic chair.