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Below we have a list of helpful links to other websites for specific area’s:

Queensland Fertility Group is part of Australia's leading group of fertility specialists.

General women’s health and lifestyle issues
The Jean Hailes Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation providing care and information on womens health concerns and lifestyle issues.

RANZCOG Have a list of resources on many topics related to womens health and also offers online patient information including video of common procedures.

Fertility & IVF Blogs &  Articles
Read More on the IVF Australia IVF & Fertility Blogs Website

Cancer Specialist
Refer to Dr Andreas Obermair for general information on Gynaecologic cancer, including research.

The Continence Foundation of Australia will provide you with excellent information on bladder and bowel function.
Mary O’Dwyer is an experienced and trusted local physiotherapist who has an excellent website full of information on pelvic floor and includes an interesting blog.
Fiona Rogers is also an excellent local physiotherapist with a useful site which provides plenty of information and a blog.
More information on the magnetic chair and its use in women and men for incontinence and other pelvic floor problems can be found at

Endometriosis - Patient information
The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology has produced a booklet for patients with Endometriosis, this booklet, "Information for women with endometriosis" can be read by clicking on the following link (Please note; that this booklet is 4.9mg and can take some time to download and open) - Link to booklet

The Menopause Society Provides useful patient information on menopause and other hormonal problems from experts in the area.

Ultrasound and fertility Investigations
Information for patients on fertility, obstetric and gynaecologic imaging procedures and investigations

Vulval conditions
The ANZ Vulvovaginal Society provides excellent patient information on vulval and vaginal conditions and has links to other reliable and helpful sites.

Vulvas come in all shapes and sizes.  Curious to know more?

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia 

If your appointment to see Dr Ladwig is for pelvic pain then please print out, fill in and bring along this questionaire below from The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia to your appointment:

Questionaire link:

Stetches for the pelvic floor link:

eBook on pelvic pain:

Common medications for pelvic pain: