World Continence Week 17th - 23rd June 2019

World Continence Week, 17th – 23rd June 2019, is aimed at bringing awareness to incontinence sufferers around the world.  Whether your condition is very mild, perhaps issues have developed postnatally, or maybe you have been suffering long term, help is available.  To celebrate World Continence Week Dr Petra Ladwig is offering a 50% discount off the Wave Brilliance Magnetic Chair course, saving $140.  This consists of 16 x 22 minute treatments spread over an 8 week period. 

What is the Wave Brilliance Magnetic Chair?  It looks like an ordinary chair however creates a therapeutic pulsed magnetic field that produces powerful stimulation to pelvic floor and other vital muscles than cannot be activated through manual pelvic floor exercises alone.  For many who can’t feel their pelvic floor muscles to know if they are doing them correctly it is a great kickstart to rejuvenate strength in this area.  You remain fully clothed and comfortably seated during the entire session.  There is no pain but you can certainly feel it working. 

An initial consult with gynaecologist Dr Petra Ladwig is required first to ensure you are suitable for the magnetic chair after which you can then start straight after. A referral is required from your GP to see Dr Ladwig with an initial consult fee of $240, with $73.85 back from Medicare.  The course on the magnetic chair, usually $280, is in addition to this consult fee but covers all 16 treatments on the magnetic chair as well as a review with Dr Ladwig after the treatment course.   

To receive this special offer be sure to mention the ‘World Continence Week Special’ when calling our rooms on 5437 7244 to make an appointment. 

Don’t leave it any longer – bladder leakage will only get worse if you ignore it.